A Few Facts

  • Qualified Designer Since – June 1989
  • Worked at RedWood Publishing from – 1990
  • Designed the first Big Issue magazine – 1991
  • Spiral Pixel – Established 2006
  • Envato Exclusive Author – Feb 2011
  • Dribbbling Since – July 2011
  • Envato Elite – August 2013
  • 10 year anniversary at Spiral Pixel – 2016

As the owner of Spiral Pixel Design, I am is responsible for its design and maintenance, I also look after all commissioned websites and clients.

A little bit about me

Hello, I’m Jo a professionally qualified graphic designer who has been involved in the industry for over 20 years. I have worked as an art editor, designing magazines along with commissioning photography and illustrations for London publishing houses, B.B.C, Haymarket, Emap and also the very first Big Issue magazine.

My Photoshop brushes have been featured in Computer Arts magazine, ImagineFx and also Japanese publications, Photoshop Design Tools and Brush Up. My vectors were featured in ‘Vintage’ a resource book for designers. I have also created illustrations using pen and ink and have had my work published in editorial magazines, General Practitioner, The Big Issue and even a chocolate bar wrapper for the Coalbrookdale Inn, Ironbridge.

Why I love what I do

I am busy working day and night, designing html templates for ThemeForest. I’m an Elite author with over 16,000 sales under my belt and I’m also proud to have designed a template which is presently the fourteenth best selling design in the creative portfolio section.
Enjoy your stay, feel free to drop me a line to say hi and follow me on Facebook or Twitter.
Bye for now, off to push more pixels, Jo.

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