The Best of the Best – The Program is structured to reward and recognize Envato’s most elite authors. We want to say thank you to these authors who lead the way for our community, who stand as beacons of talent and skill, and who make the rest of us normal folk feel warm basking in their glow. – Envato

logoOn the 24th of August I received a wonderful email from the folks over at Envato stating that I had reached their Elite level! You can read more about the program here. Later the same week I received yet another email stating that I would be their featured author of the week on GraphicRiver, not bad hey!

I just thought I’d share this good news with you all as it has given me lots of encouragement to push onwards and upwards, it shows that I must be doing something right! I’d like to take the time to say thanks to Envato, to all my followers, friends on ThemeForest and GraphicRiver (*now feeling like I’m giving an Oscar acceptance speech).

Thanks again everybody!