I thought you may like to see some more of my work so here’s a little bit about me as a pyrographic artist!

I have been working as a pyrographic artist for the past four years, it’s great fun and a wonderful way of being able to “draw” on wood and leather. I used to work as a freelance illustrator and have had several pieces of work published in magazines such as “GP”. I always thought how nice it would be to be able to add images to items such as boxes and give them as pressies etc.

It was at at craft fair that I discovered that I could do it! I’d never heard of pyrography before and when I saw a lady merrily burning an image of a sunflower I was transfixed! It wasn’t long before I’d tracked down my pyrography machine and a few scraps of wood – practice, practice practice! My family had wooden items for Christmas and birthdays and soon other people were asking if they could commission something.

I’m also a member of The Guild Of Essex Craftsmen. So it’s been a well worthwhile venture and I continue to enjoy it, which is always a bonus!

Labrador Pyrography Pattern
This pattern of a labrador will give you an opportunity to experiment with burning fur textures. Start by burning a rough outline around the dog’s body and then burn the background on quite a high setting, make it dark so that your dog will stand out, giving it a feeling of depth.

Remember, you can always practice on a scrap piece of wood to get your temperature settings correct!

Have fun and happy burning!

This pattern is 19.14cm x 16.81cm in size and is available for £3.00.

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