Web Development

We take pride in providing a friendly and efficient design service, working directly with our clients from the initial concept to the final design. We offer bespoke design that works well on multiple browsers and platforms.

Hosting & Domains

We offer web hosting on reliable servers along with domain name registration. We can take care of this for you and also provide site maintenance and make updates to your site, if and when you require them.

Blog & Ecommerce

A blog is a wonderful tool for self expression and a great way to keep your visitors interested with fresh content. Ecommerce solutions are also offered, giving you choice to find the right solution for you.

Jo has been a true blessing the last four years, guiding someone who had basically no knowledge of the internet through all the conceivable issues which cropped up. She has created a beautiful website which completely portrayed what I had wanted. She is reliable and always helpful and whenever I need something, reacts promptly to my requests. She is also extremely good value. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

S. Gregg

NGOs are often faced with a unique challenge when redesigning their website. In order to do this, Marine Connection required a web design update which was functional, easy to navigate, eye catching and informative about our work. We chose Spiral Pixel as we were impressed by their portfolio and after an initial consultation, quickly knew that Jo had a real understanding of what we needed. This helped tailor the new site to our specific target audience. It was a pleasure to work alongside Jo who not only followed our instructions but also gave constructive suggestions when necessary. Marine Connection is delighted with the new user-friendly site, which can be accessed on all devices. Linking in real time to our social media sites allows users of the website to be kept up to date with news and issues on the move and we would have no hesitation in using Spiral Pixel again or recommending their excellent services to others.

Margaux Dodds, Director, Marine Connection

Making websites takes two kinds of people: Designers & Coders
I’ve known Jo for several years and I learned design skills and coding skills can be combined in one person. That’s how Jo works. She can make a perfect design for a website AND transform that design in a perfect valid code. If you ever need a unique website I would highly recommend Jo to do the job.

Aiko Timmer, Financieel Adviesburo Timmer

I have hired Jo to do graphic work – for websites, business cards, ads, and brochures. I have also referred several clients to Jo for websites. In ALL CASES, Jo’s work has been EXCELLENT! All of the clients I have referred to Jo have been VERY PLEASED with her TOP QUALITY work! Not only is Jo’s work creative and beautiful, her coding is clean, compliant, accurate and runs well on multiple browsers and platforms. She is a cut above other web developers I have worked with. I trust her work 100% and would recommend her to anyone.

E. Whalen - Altiva Design

Jo Demonstrated Strong Design layout skills, using typography and photography effectively, staying calm under deadline pressure, and having a client focus, I have no hesitation in recommending Jo.

Andrew Giaquinto, Art Director, Haymarket Publishing

If you are looking for someone to build your site, I highly recommend Spiral Pixel, for their creativity, conscientiousness, expertise in seeing to a smooth operating site, their price, and because they are a joy to work with.

Karen A. Lynch - War of Wits Publishing

We have been extremely satisfied with the results of Jo’s creation! Whilst being technologically up to date, it is visually appealing to our potential guests. We are very happy to have found Jo and recommend her without reservation.

Undine Reader


What Costs Are Involved In Having A Website?

There are four main costs associated with having a website: domain, hosting, site development and maintenance.

  • Domain: This is the “address” or “URL” of your site, such as spiralpixel.com You can buy it from many places around the web, however we usually offer it as part of our design package. e.g a .co.uk name costs £24.00 for two years, a .com name is £25.00 for one year.
  • Hosting: Where you’re hosted is where your site lives. You can pay either a monthly or yearly fee for a server to host you. We charge £85.00 per year for basic html sites, prices increase for CMS, e-commerce and blog related sites, basic site maintenance ( theme & plugin updates) are included in the price. Your site will be hosted on a server of high quality and reliability.
  • Development: Getting a website designed and built can range from a minimum of £30 – £80 per page, depending on the size and complexity of the site. All costs will be discussed thoroughly before setting out on our venture together.
  • Maintenance: Your site is complete and online. What further costs should you expect? This depends on whether you prefer to have a “static” site or one which changes regularly. We charge for edits on an hourly basis. If for example, it is a simple change such as updating an address, date, location or replacing a picture, we’d charge something like £5. With all clients, we never charge to correct an error that we made (spelling or incorrect date). All prices are discussed with our clients on a personal one to one basis, there are no hidden extras!

What Should You Look For In A Web Designer?

The most important issues are: design style, finding someone who shares your vision, and good customer service.

  • Style: We specialize in designing well-organized, professional sites, that reflect the client’s personality and needs.
  • Vision: We work with you to create exactly what you want, and if you don’t know what you want, we help you figure it out. Pleasing the client is our number one priority. It is a balance between incorporating the clients’ vision and my creative expertise.
  • Customer service: We will respond to your enquiries within 24 hours. If you need something done in a hurry, we can almost always oblige you.

How To Decide What Your Site Should Look Like

Think about what kind of information you would like to share with people.

The most important question to ask yourself is:
What kind of image do I want to project? Serious? Elegant? Fun? Your website should be a reflection of you.

The Design Process

Projects are never straight forward, steps often get moved around, so please think of this as a basic example.

  • Step 1: Discussion: We will start your project with an informal chat. At the first meeting we will establish the basic scope of the work – what needs to be done and how you would like it to look.
  • Step 2: Planning: Here we will think about how we are going to structure things. What is important? What is not? What needs to be on every page? Depending on the scale of the project a visual sitemap will be created for you.
  • Step 3: Planning the Content: Working from the sitemap we will get together to start planning the content – specifically the text. Content planning and writing is probably the biggest workload you will have during the project – and it can take some time.
  • Step 4: Initial Design: Whilst you are working on your copy, I usually work on the initial design – the homepage and logo creation if needed.
  • Step 5: Client Feedback: When the basic design is ready, you will need to check that I am heading in the right direction and suggest any adjustments.
  • Step 6: Design Rework: This involves going back and reworking things.
  • Step 7: Client Approval: This process of work, feedback, rework is repeated at various stages in the project. Besides preparing the content, this confirmation process is also one of the main responsibilities of yourself.
  • Step 8: Additional Page Design: Once the design is agreed on, work will begin on the layout and design of each individual page of the site.
  • Step 9: Confirmation: Once again they are checked, reworked and then finally confirmed.
  • Step 10: Present to Client: We will work together to polish and amend things until you have a completed site.
  • Step 11: Test: The final stage of production is the debug. The site will be tested across all platforms to fix any technical problems, and checked thoroughly for content errors. Naturally, throughout the HTML & CSS development stage I check for cross-browser functionality.
  • Step 12: Launch: This is the fun part for both designer and client, hopefully we are both happy with the end result! After launch any problems found will be fixed.

W3C Web Standards & Benefits

We build websites that are compliant with W3C web standards.

  • Reduced Bandwidth
    Websites that are created to web standards have their unnecessary code removed making the page much smaller.
  • Ease of Maintenance
    Having a compliant site makes it much easier for it to be maintained and developed. You are less likely to have to waste money on costly re-coding.
  • Compatibility with Web Browsers
    You can be sure that your website will work in the future and be understood by all browsers.
  • Faster Download Speeds
    By removing messy, invalid HTML tags, file sizes can be dramatically reduced. They will load faster, providing your users with a better experience.
  • Better Accessibility
    By designing with W3C accessibility guidelines in mind, you can be sure that disabled users will be able to use your website.
  • Better Search Engine Rankings
    Search engines will find it easier to understand your site, thus producing in better rankings.
  • Site Credibility
    You will have more credibility by having a professional web site.
  • And Finally
    Try to make sure that you never choose a web designer that does not design based on web standards. If you do, or if you already have a website that does not adhere to web standards, you are faced with two choices; either keep your existing site which may make your company look unprofessional or find a credible web designer to make a REAL website for you.


Basic Html

£ 85

Per Year
  • Small html website
  • 1-5 pages
  • No maintenance included
  • Picture edits, text amendments will be charged accordingly
  • No hidden costs
  • Everything will be clearly discussed via email

Wordpress HostingMost Popular

£ 125

Per Year
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Basic site maintenance included
  • (theme, plugins & WordPress updates)
  • Small site changes included
  • Blog & site usage training will be provided if required
  • Requirements for regular updates will be charged accordingly

Medium - Large Html

£ 95+

Per Year
  • Medium – large html websites
  • 5-15 pages
  • Prices increase for large sites & shops
  • Picture edits, text amendments will be charged accordingly
  • All charges will be discussed in advance
  • No hidden costs